Our Mission

B SIDE RADIO NETWORK is a music player located near Chicago, Illinois, featuring special podcast playlists of pure vocals and instrumentations. We are passionate about music that is not altered or adapted by computers or within recording studios.

Mission Statement

B SIDE RADIO NETWORK's primary objective is to provide quality music from multiple genres across the world of music that meets specific criteria. The criteria are as follows, (a) pure vocals that are not studio synthesized and (b) pure instrumentals. B SIDE will seek out rare and obscure music from artist that are both known and unknown alike. B SIDE's core focus will be to deliver vocals accompanied by an array of true and pure instrumentals. We will seek out all artists that fit our core principles of placing stellar vocalists and musicians at the forefront of music. We will deliver live performances as often as possible in an effort to showcase pure vocalist and musicians.

Our mission is to reconnect our listening audience with the sounds from artists that will inspire a return to pure music and lyrics that people from all walks of life can embrace regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender. B SIDE will provide a platform that will allow its listeners to be interactive by allowing its listeners the opportunity to submit music in multiple formats utilizing live streaming applications. B SIDE will create a culture of music exchange amongst its listeners by holding and supporting listening parties, music competitions, and interactive live web cams that will allow our listeners the opportunity to listen, view, and vote for their favorite music. This will inspire a movement of music sharing amongst B SIDE and its listeners alike.

B SIDE seeks to create a listening audience by utilizing any and all social media vehicles in an effort to maximize optimal exposure regarding who and what we are as a radio station. B SIDE will seek to expand its product line by implementing a form of file sharing that is user friendly for all of our listeners that participate in any future file-sharing program that we may offer. This is our vision for bringing our brand of music to the world!