Listen To Curated Music Podcasts

If you want to chill and relax, listen to the carefully curated playlists of B SIDE RADIO NETWORK. We compile music featuring pure vocals and instrumentations into impactful playlists. Listen to our online music selection to discover authentic music that is not manipulated or synthesized.

Types Of Music

Hear the remarkable voices of powerful singers and the sounds of a skilled saxophonist or guitarist. While much of today's music is created by computers, we offer unadulterated sounds. Our range of music includes:

• R&B • Jazz • Blues • Rock


Find a series of music to fit your mood or the time of day in our specific arrangements. Unlike most radio stations, that play a random assortment of music, we carefully select the songs we play to center around a theme. We may feature all pure vocals or create a collection for a specific instrument, like an electric or acoustic guitar. Our songs are carefully organized based on their style and tempo. The music is placed in succession to build tempos, provide hard brakes, or blend instrumentations.


Our playlists are available as weekly podcasts tailored to different crowds and moods, and are at least an hour long. Become a part of our innovative listening experience today.

Man in Recording Studio